English page start !!

English page start !!


We are hair make “SWELL”

I think people with different nationalities and cultures are also families.
Beauty can make you happy or make friends smile.
What are your thoughts on Japanese beauty?
Please let us know that.
And be friends
The excitement when people all over the world become friends and appreciate each other is invaluable.
SWELL is a salon where everyone strives, shares and grows to make you happy.
SWELL wants to be a global salon
A lovely family is waiting for you.


I want to make my customers want to be.

SWELL wants to be a supporter of customers’ beauty, food, and living.
I want you to spend your time slowly in a space full of Hawaii air away from the noisy city. . .
Based on the three themes, we believe that we can discover our customers’ original desires and new ones.

Thank you.
President Koji Azuma