I want to make my customers want to be.

SWELL wants to be a supporter of customers' beauty, food, and living.
I want you to spend your time slowly in a space full of Hawaii air away from the noisy city. . .
Based on the three themes, we believe that we can discover our customers' original desires and new ones.


  • パープルグレー × kimi
    Stylist kimi

  • ほんのりラベンダー × kimi
    Stylist kimi

  • グレージュ ×ハイライト
    Stylist kimi

  • ダークグレー
    Stylist kimi



Original cut ¥6,050
University student ¥5,500
Middle and high school students ¥4,950
Elementary school / kids (under elementary school) ¥3,850
Bangs cut ¥1,650

※"Micro bubble spa" is included in CUT/Shampoo&Blow

Root retouch(~2cm) ¥6,600
Short (up to chin line) ¥7,150
Medium (up to clavicle) ¥7,700
Long (up to scapula) ¥8,800
Super long (longer or longer) ¥9,900
Double color (Bleach ON color) +¥4,400~
* Number of foil used
1~10 sheets ¥2,200
11~20 sheets ¥3,300
21~30 sheets ¥4,400
Full head ¥5,500
・When only hair ends are dyed
Short Bob +¥3,300
Long +¥4,400
・When only hair ends are dyed
Short Bob +¥4,400
Long +¥8,800
Shampoo & Blow ¥3,850

※"Micro bubble spa" is included in CUT/Shampoo&Blow

Eyebrow cut ¥1,100
Short ¥6,600
Medium ¥7,700
Long ¥8,800
Only bangs ¥2,200
Top only ¥2,200
Bangs+Top ¥4,400
Digital perm +¥3,300

※Shampoo & Blow not included

Short ¥9,900
Medium ¥11,000
Long ¥12,100
Only bangs ¥2,200
Only around the face ¥4,400(※until sideburns)
Frontal ¥4,950(※Up to the ear position)

※Shampoo & Blow not included

Quick treatment ¥1,100
Aujua 4 step system treatment ¥4,400
20 minutes course ¥2,200
40 minutes course ¥4,400
60 minutes course ¥6,600
Color SPA ¥3,300
Up style ¥4,400
Down style ¥3,300


I think people with different nationalities and cultures are also family..
Beauty can make you happy or make friends smile.
What are your thoughts on Japanese beauty?
Please let us know .
And let’t be friends
The excitement when people all over the world become friends and appreciate each other is valuable.
SWELL is a salon where everyone strives, shares and grows to make you happy.
SWELL wants to be a global salon
A lovely family is waiting for you.
Thank you.
President Koji Azuma